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Esseco is committed to its mission while maintaining constant focus on safety performance, reduction of risks, prevention of accidents/occupational illnesses and prevention of pollution.

The Company acknowledges that obtaining the highest levels of safety, industrial security, and protection of health and the environment are of the utmost importance.  We consider the results achieved in these fields as a key ingredient of the overall results achieved by our company management. Our responsibility in risk management and prevention as well as the responsibilities for workplace safety, health and the environment pertain to the whole corporate structure, from the Employer to all the employees, each according to their skills and duties.

The company’s strategic and priority goals are the following:

  • preventing risks for safety, health and environment;
  • reducing accidents via accurate and proper application of the required protection measures;
  • safeguarding the health of the workers, clients and population;
  • protecting the environment, focusing on preventing pollution and achieving energy saving;
  • guaranteeing quality and safety of their products.
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