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Esseco USA LLC is the North American subsidiary of Esseco Group, a family owned Italian industrial chemical group that is focused on inorganic chemical products and winemaking industries for almost a century.  Esseco USA is focused on the sale and support of all Esseco Group chemicals in the USA and Canada, including sodium metabisulfite, sodium sulfite, sodium thiosulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate, potassium carbonate and many other related chemicals.

We are committed to supplying the highest-quality products, which are supported by a solid logistical base in North America and with in-depth customer and technical service.

Esseco Group is active in the development, production and commercialization of products that are indirectly used by at least a billion people per year in everyday life.

Research by Group subsidiaries ensure that we continuously identify new applications for our products and services such as food preservatives, food and animal feed integrators, oenological products, products for the vulcanization of the rubber, products for production of high efficiency batteries, medicine and personal hygiene products, chemical fixatives for photography and radiology, anti-fungus products and fertilizers for agriculture, whitening products for the paper and pulp industry, adhesive products for the furniture industry, airport runway de-icers, industrial detergents for high specification cleaning and many more applications.


Esseco USA LLC was formed in 2003 with a joint venture between two leading sulfur dioxide derivative producers, Esseco Srl and General Chemical.  At the time General Chemical was one of the leading manufacturers of these products in America and Esseco Srl was one of the leading producers in Europe.  The partnership was intended to provide market leadership, inovation, and high quality supply of sulfur based chemicals to the North American market.  Shortly after the start of the joint venture, Esseco Srl invested in the full ownership of the new company.  The investment allowed the company to improve logistics, quality, price competitiveness and grow the product line to include many new products available from the Esseco Group.



Our know how, flexible thinking and fast action, the pursuit of the highest technological standards and the evolution of the concept of customer service are Esseco’s key ingredients for the establishment of a true and proper partnership with customers.


Esseco Group operates globally to deliver the best possible quality for its customers’ requirements, working in close proximity to them. We operate safe and efficient business processes in all of our customer markets.


We always want to keep growing every day. Our passion, responsibility and receptiveness helps create the best solutions in order to bring added value to all of our customers’ businesses and at the same time offer the world safer and improved products.

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