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Production, management and operation systems and plants are designed by Esseco’s technical staff.

The construction of sophisticated equipment and integrated production systems is made possible through the high professional standards developed internally.

Work methods are constantly monitored and production processes are managed through a control and adjustment system designed to allow to identify the best operating conditions for the purpose of optimising yield and product quality, in strict compliance with environmental sustainability and safety requirements.

Our Production sites in the world:

  • Trecate, Novara, Italy
  • Wakefield, UK
  • Araçariguama, San Paolo, Brasil
  • Zolfindustria: San Cipriano Po, Italy
  • Altair Chimica: Saline di Volterra, Italy
  • Addcon Nordic AS – Porsgrunn, Norway
  • Addcon Gmbh Bitterfeld – Wolfen, Germany


Esseco’s strategic choices are based on its research and development activities, which, in turn, are supported through a programme of continuous investments, designed to maintain the synergic effects induced by a careful balance between experimentation, advanced industrial technology and focus on market requirements: this is how innovation is born.

As well as to achieve this ambitious objective, Esseco’s laboratories are also dedicated to the crucial work of daily quality control, with a meticulous programme of inspections and analyses.

Last, the laboratories are responsible for technical and scientific support to customers, aiming, where possible, to establish a fruitful cooperation with customers for the development of application specific solutions and customised projects.


Esseco is committed to its mission while maintaining constant focus on safety performance, reduction of risks, prevention of accidents/occupational illnesses and prevention of pollution.

The Company acknowledges that obtaining the highest levels of safety, industrial security, and protection of health and the environment are of the utmost importance.  We consider the results achieved in these fields as a key ingredient of the overall results achieved by our company management. Our responsibility in risk management and prevention as well as the responsibilities for workplace safety, health and the environment pertain to the whole corporate structure, from the Employer to all the employees, each according to their skills and duties.

The company’s strategic and priority goals are the following:

  • preventing risks for safety, health and environment;
  • reducing accidents via accurate and proper application of the required protection measures;
  • safeguarding the health of the workers, clients and population;
  • protecting the environment, focusing on preventing pollution and achieving energy saving;
  • guaranteeing quality and safety of their products.


Esseco has a passion  for quality and undertakes the necessary requirements  every day.

The Esseco products sold in the US and manufactured in the Esseco Group’s production units are compliant with the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management system certification
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management system certification
  • NSF/ANSI 60 – Sodium metabisulfite used for treatment of drinking water
  • Kosher PARVE for PASSOVER Manufacturing Industry and Winemaking Sector
  • Halal – a certification issued by Halal International Authority
  • FSSC 22000 – Food safety management system for sulphites and for winemaking products
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) defined by the Food Chemical Codex and the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) management system for food safety hazards as outlined by the US Food and Drug Administration.
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